Video: How to Set Sag on your Motorcycle Shocks

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Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.59.39 AMWe updated our video on how to set sag on your motorcycle’s shocks. You might be asking yourself, “What is setting Sag? and why is that important to me?” The bottom line is if you want to get the maximum comfort, performance, and efficiency out of your shocks, you’re going to want to set the sag and by the time you’re done adjusting, have about 3/4″ of sag between having the rider (you) standing above the bike and then sitting (so that the shocks are compressed). For a more detailed set of instructions check out the video here on our youtube channel or for a less visual approach, read our written instructions below!


How to set sag on your motorcycle:

1 The proper pre-load setting will allow the rear suspension to sag, or compress, approximately ¾” when loaded.

2 To check sag, take a measurement from the center of the rear axle, straight up to a vertical point on the rear fender or frame with the unloaded rider off the bike.

3 Then, take a second measurement using the same loaded points with the rider(s) sitting on the bike.

4 The difference between the two measurements is the ride sag.

5 If the bike is sagging too much, increase the pre-load to the suggested amount of sag.

6 Spring pre-load adjustments are made by turning the Upper Cover on the shock.

7 Turn this adjuster clockwise to increase spring pre-load (make spring stiffer) and counterclockwise to decrease spring pre-load (make spring softer).

8 Set the pre-load equally on both shocks using these reference marks as your guide.

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NEW FOR 2016: Products for Indian Scout Models

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Brand new for 2016, we now have our 970 Series Shocks available in Black and our Fork Spring Kit available for Indian Scout models. Dial in the suspension to get the very most out of your Scout’s riding comfort and performance. Also keep your eyes peeled for our 412 and 444 Series Shocks available soon as well for the Indian Scout.scout-970-15


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CM400 ‘Alligator’ Build by Matteucci Garage

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Another slick custom on The Bike Shed featuring our 970 Series Shocks in Bronze. It is a very custom CM400 that definitely lives up to the name Alligator. We especially appreciate our shocks color coordinating with the USD fork and center of the Brembo brake disc. All in all a very interesting bike with a one of a kind color scheme/theme and good mix of form and function. Check out more builds by Matteuci Garage here, and the full writeup and photos of this build here.Matteucci-Garage-thumb

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Michal’s Harley-Davidson XLH883 Scrambler

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It’s not often we will blog up a customer’s build as we see shots of them all the time, but when we stumbled onto this beautiful Sporty Scrambler featured on Throttle Roll, we couldn’t not take notice. Michal in Australia has done a great job building a coastal cruising machine from a 99 883 Sportster which features 15″ versions of our 412 Series Shocks. It definitely looks like a fun ride. Thanks for the love Michal and Throttle Roll for the feature! See more pics and the full writeup of this build here.Harley-Davidson-sportster-scrambler-tracker20160420-26

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Product Service and Lifetime Limited Warranty Program

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lifetime-warranty-flyerThe best warranty service you MAY ever need; that’s our motto for our Limited Lifetime Warranty. With the Progressive Suspension Product Service and Warranty Program, we’ll have your claim repaired or replaced and on its way back to you within a few days in most cases, so we can get you back on the road or in the dirt before you start to show withdrawal symptoms. Give our techs a call and get a RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION number BEFORE you send it back!

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DP Customs’ “W” Build

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DP Customs is at it again with their 02 Sportster street tracker build named “W”. Utilizing our black 970 Series Shocks this time around and a Monotube Cartridge Kit up front, W is nothing to be messed with. DP is consistent in selecting the highest quality parts for their builds and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to keep taking part in their vision. 22_02_2016_DP_harley_W_02Check out the full writeup for this bike at Pipeburn here.

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NEW FOR 2016: Progressive Suspension Fork Oil

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fork oilBrand new for 2016, we at Progressive Suspension are proud to announce we are now stocking our own formula of Fork Oil. No more running around the web wrangling up all the project components you need to take care of your forks as you can now get it all from one trusted source! Recommended for use with our fork suspension products. Available in a Standard 10wt Type E and Heavy Duty 20wt. Our special blend formula helps provide superior damping and long lasting lubrication along with anti-foaming, anti-rust and anti-corrosion attributes. It also maintains temperature stability, minimizes fluid leakage, resists fading while preserving fork seals. Exceeds all known OEM and Harley-Davidson warranty requirements. Made in the USA! fork-oil-press

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