Grains and Trains with 1 Wheel Revolution

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Rob from 1 Wheel Revolution always amazes us with how he pushes the limits on his Xl Sportster. Equipped with our Progressive Rate Fork Spring Kit and a set of 970 Series Shocks we love it when he send us pics from shenanigans and shake downs with our equipment!

Hey Guys,

Been doing some work getting my clutch dialed on the Red Dragon which has been more challenging than the other sportys were initially. 

I was driving by these grain silos on my way home from the shop and randomly stopped to snap a couple pics for the fun of it. A few turned out pretty cool so I thought I’d share them. 


Here are some of the shots he sent, enjoy!

IMG_4938 IMG_5184 IMG_4678 IMG_4649

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Amarante’s Sportster “Veronica”

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Reblogged from casacultminas

The style and the attitude of love with the classic Harley-Davidson, are the inspiration of the architects and interior designer Bia Cristina and Graziela Abreu in the room and Biker Room . A classic model of the brand is the centerpiece of this apartment and is stationed in the room.  The professionals are rookies at Casa Cor Minas. Bia is an architect and signed the room decor. Graziela is interior designer and was responsible for the design of the room.

integrated kitchen house color mines 2014 The yellow table warms and gladdens the kitchen that has coated wall with tijolihos, blackboard and dark cabinets.

The steel appears as the main element in environmental composition and takes the central wall of the flat. The sheet metal forming an income received cuts in steel as if they were typical hydraulic tiles of mining farms, which were arranged randomly.

steel press room sofa linea house color 2014

Luminaires prepared in recycled material such as steel construction and demolition burnt bricks, are another highlight of the environment. In addition, the Biker Room Room received loud, paintings and pictures that refer to the lifestyle of a biker.

bed room house color press linea mines in 2014


Bia Cristina

Graziela Abreu


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Scott Horton from Str8up SJ

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Been working with Scott and Roger from StraightupSJ for a while now and can’t say anything but good things about them. Scott runs our 444 Series Shocks on his Sporty and says they ride and perform great. As hard as he rides we’ll take his word! Crazy to find out that Scott just turned 23 and with as much talent as he has now we can’t wait to see what this guy is up to when he is 33.

Had the privilege to ride out with him and Roger this last weekend. Here are some of the photos from the day along with a killer video by @nevermoore as well!


Was going pretty slow and walked/rode away with no damage done to the bike or himself. Bung King Sliders saved the day!



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Bell Helmets Dyna

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Bell Helmets Dyna by RSD featuring a set of 444 Series Shocks and a Fork Spring Kit.


Roland’s been riding with Bell helmets since he first got on a motorcycle at 5 years old. Bell helmets were the chosen protection for all of Roland’s racing career and there’s a collection of smashed helmets to prove it. Having always ridden in Bell helmets was a natural move to work with Bell on the RSD line of helmets. Bell has a long history of building the best helmet on the market and always pushing to do new and exciting designs. When the Bell guys needed a bike built for one of their chiefs we were able to return a long time debt for protecting our chiefs brain for so many years. Thus the Bell Dyna was born.

RSD-Dyna-Bell-12_Original RSD-Dyna-Bell-29_Original

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Chopper Dave Benefit

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This weekend we showed support for a friend who has changed and moulded the industry in man ways. His name is Dave Freston aka Chopper Dave! He recently got hit my a motor vehicle and has been laid up with hospital bills piling up. So Jeff G Holt and few other friends put together a little get together to support. There were killer raffles, great people and good drinks.

Here are some pics from the event!

IMG_3867 IMG_3863 IMG_3859 IMG_3855 IMG_3850

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1 Wheel Revolution at Milwakee HD

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Hey Guys,

Just finished up another round of great performances for the wild crowd at Milwaukee Harley-Davidson during the 2014 Milwaukee Rally.  Always a great event and a very pumped crowd once they get a taste of our v-twin wheelies.  Couldn’t believe how many people came just to see our performances after their positive experience last year when we performed during HD110.

Thank you,

Rob Carpenter – 1 Wheel Revolution LLC.

IMG_5709 DCIM101GOPRO Photo Sep 01, 9 58 27 PM Photo Sep 01, 6 37 07 AM

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Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally 2014

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The Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally was held this last weekend. Enjoyable weather, pretty bikes and wonderful people. We were setup next to the Lossa Engineering and the Gasser Lounge booth and with the Venice Vixens Dunk Tank within eyes view we had very little to complain about! We got some great photos of the event but the “Venice Paparazzi” was there too so here is their link to check out. Venice really does have all kinds, we think the pictures will explain.

IMG_3063IMG_3111 IMG_3101 IMG_3100 IMG_3099 IMG_3098 IMG_3095 IMG_3091 IMG_3088 IMG_3082 IMG_3081 IMG_3078


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