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A little fan love!

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Hello. I thought you might want to hear some positive feedback regarding my experiences with Progressive Suspension and, specifically, Juston Barber. Last Wednesday night, I went to adjust my “adjustable” shocks installed by a HD dealer when I got bike new in 2005. To my horror, I found one shoc…k damaged (verified at time of installation). I have running on one shock for the past 17000 miles and 11 states this year. To make matters worse, they would not help me in time to make my local rally (Lone Star Rally in Galveston) which started Thursday. I live close by but had arrangements to stay in Glaveston for the rally. After trying to get 422’s from many sources, I called Progressive Suspension at 1:00pm n Thursday. Justin Barber deiscussed the matter but said there were no 422’s ready for shipment. He understood my dilemma. He offered to personally build me a set, have them on a UPS truck by 3:00pm, and I would have delivery by noon on Friday. I took him up on the offer. On Friday, I rec’d the shocks at 9:30am, had them on the bike, rode-tested and adjusted by 10:30, and by 11:30, my wife and I were on the road to the rally. we had a great time. I told everyone about my poor treatment by HD and the great service I got from Progressive Suspension. I want to thank your company and Mr. Barber. It’s not cool to be going to the largest rally in the country in a car. I will be looking for front springs to compliment my excellent ride on the rear.

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Sportbike Lowering done right…. The inside story!

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What’s the right way to lower a sportbike? Or any other monoshock bike? Well, it’s certainly NOT links. Lowering links are a compromise that often degrades teh performance of the suspension, decreases the spring rate when just the opposite is needed and allows the tire to contact inner fender and other parts of the bike. So what’s the right way to lower a sportbike? Glad you asked. Above is a spy shot of a ZX14 shock utilizing our latest “drop in” style lowering kit. The stock spring is replaced with a shorter main spring and an additional “compensation spring” that compresses under the weight of the bike and drop the rear end, yet still allows full droop travel! The result is a lowered suspension without any of the compromises of links! Look for more info soon!

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