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1 Wheel Revolution: “Snow Dayz”

Posted by on Jan 24, 2017 in Moto Friends and Family, Photography, Product | Comments Off on 1 Wheel Revolution: “Snow Dayz”

Rob from 1 Wheel Revolution is a rider we sponsor because he never seizes to amaze us with the way he pushes himself and his bikes to their limits all while getting unrivaled content in the process. This particular video and photo shoot included Rob’s Sporty getting equipped with some ‘ice friendly’ tire tread so all of his stunts could be maintained out in the tundra. Our 970 Series Shocks kept the rear stable in even the iciest of conditions giving Rob the confidence in his ride to pull as many wheelies and slides along the slick as his heart desired. Check out just a few shots from the shoot and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook for much more!

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