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Progressive featured in Hot Bike’s Baggers Magazine!

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Baggers dropped a Street Glide using our early style fork lowering kit and a set of 430 Series shocks. Results are pretty slick!

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Progressive Suspension Joins Facebook!

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fb-pageAnd we need some fans pretty bad…

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Good – Better – Best? Which shock is right for your bike?

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06-2009 web pages for good better best
The Progressive Suspension line is pretty deep and selecting the correct shock for your bike as well as riding style can become daunting. With that in mind, we layed out our primary twin shock sellers and broke down all the features and price points. Give it a review and drop us a line if you need more info!

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Satisfied Progressive Suspension Customers!

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We are always grateful when a customer takes the time to write to us about their experience with Progressive Suspension!

This one was penned to one of our top sales techs…

Thanks Justin, I got ’em back, and to say I’m happy is an understatement!
Please share my comments to the local Valkyrie board with everyone at Progressive Suspension:
My 440 shocks were leaking after 60k miles of hard riding. So I contacted Progressive Suspension and after emailing my receipt (to show I was the original owner) I was able to drop them off in La Palma and once rebuilt they would ship them to my door (I asked ahead of time if they would do this).
Not only did they rebuild them, clean them and put in new rubber inserts, they also sanded and polished the end caps and put new stickers on! I had some VERY deep gashes in the aluminum end caps caused when I had riddin with my bag guards mounted upside down (ooops).
They look and ride like they were brand new.
Service was fast. I dropped them off Monday and they were ready for pick up the same day (I think they will rebuild while you wait). They missed the ups pickup Monday, but when I got home Wed they where waiting at my door.
Oh, and it was entirely free! Lifetime repairs for the original purchaser.

Kudos to Progressive Suspension customer support!


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Vintage BSA’s Conquer the Continental Divide on Progressive 12 Series Shocks!

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We get a lot of calls for “sponsorship”, some valid, some highly suspect and a few that are just out there. The call from Leon Roach was the latter. It started with “There are five of us and we will all be on 1966/1967 round barrel BSA 441 Victor Enduros and attempting a ride from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide trails.”

Well, he had my full attention based purely on the level of insanity the ride aspired to. The Continental divide trail is largely fire roads, occasionally crossing civilization and covers the south end of Mexico, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming , an edge of Idaho all the way up to the north end of Montana and traverses 2800 miles.

Not for the faint of heart and certainly not for a machine over four decades old. Leon seemed pretty confident, though and even brought me a bike to show his progress. He left with five identical pairs of 12 Series Shocks and our blessing.

Not only did he and his crew make it, but they did it with the bikes largely intact. Read more at the link below.

Our hats are off to Lean and his band of travelers and I’m manning the phone waiting for the next insane call…

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