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Added a 21” wheel to your Bagger?

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21-incherLots of you Bagger guys swapping to 21″ front wheels, we love the look, too and are quite often asked what should be done to the front suspension once the taller wheel is installed.

The HD Touring model chassis is not a fan of the additional rake the tall wheel creates and will feel floppy (wants to fall into turns), es…pecially at slow speeds.

We recommend lowering the forks 1 inch (two if you are riding a Street Glide or have installed lowered rear shocks) to level the bike out. The cost is nominal ($129 for Drop in style lowering kit) and you’ll find that once leveled out, combined with the new rubber up front, the machine will handle nicer than stock (it really is just a giant sportbike tire!).

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Suspension as a Rider Fitment Tool

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Hop into a new car and all it takes is a click to adjust your reach to the pedals. Swing your leg over a new bike and you may be in real danger of doing the tip-toe topple at your next gas station visit.

Motorcycles simply do not have the real estate to add the level of adjustment that a car can and the fine tuning is most often left to the aftermarket. Not a bad thing, as once a bike is set up for a rider, it is unlikely to be ridden by anyone else (unlike a car). A 600-800 pound motorcycle is certainly not something to monkey around with and a flat footed, firm stance is best. This is where suspension can come in handy.

An inch or two lowered shock and/or fork is often all it takes turn an ungainly beast into a chariot of pleasure! Next time you’re at a light or on off camber asphalt ponder how much more confident you might be if your feet where solidly on the ground.

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