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Setting Preload on Progressive’s 412 Series Shocks

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Adding or subtracting preload on your motorcycle shocks can often make the difference between riding on cloud 9 and feeling every bump in the road. There are severl systems commonly utilized to adjust prelaod, the Progressive 412 Series shocks incorporate an adjustable cam that rides on tabs on the shock body (many OEM shocks use the same system). Using the supplied tool, the cam can be adjusted to sit on one of five steps. As the cam rises, it will add preload to the spring and firm up the ride. Turning the cam the other way will relase preload on the spring and soften the ride. Both shocks must match and we recommend you do a little testing to find the settings that best suit your weight and riding style

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Even the most mundane of cruisers has a cool bike hidden within it!

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Denny Berg is famous for transforming more traditional bikes into works of art, but he’s outdone himself this time and reworked a boring Honda Shadow into one of the coolest Metrics we’ve seen in a long time! Even cooler? He incorporated a set of our 12 Series shocks!

Check it out here:

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