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Cool Old Harley Ad

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1337753-1000-653Harley takes a lot of heat over their advertising. Selling an icon can’t be easy business and maybe some of their stuff takes itself too seriously (cages, really?). For the most part we appreciate their efforts. Much of the early stuff now looks even cooler, too. Evel in his prime is a great example.

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Today is Beemer Day at Progressive Suspension

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We’re a fan of motorcycles. Not just one kind of motorcycle or one year range of motorcycle, we like motorcycles period. Brand new touring bikes? Love them. Mid 70’s Cafe Racer? Can’t get enough. Adventure Touring machines? Bring ’em on.  Today was Beemer day. The F650GS and F800GS are excellent machines with an obvious German refinement about them. Well, they could use some suspension help, but we have that pretty sorted.

The F800GS is headed for some dirt testing and the F650GS just rode out here from the Midwest.  Next week we’re thinking we’ll have Vintage Bultaco day.

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Worlds Fastest What?

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Worlds Fastest KLR

How about Worlds Fastest KLR?  Really? That lumpy Dual Sport, preferred by world travelers but mocked by the BMW set? Why?

Well, the better question is why not. The KLR, in our eyes is a fantastic machine that is more than capable of of circling the globe, climbing to the nearest remote campsite or commuting to work. These guys just proved it’s also  fun on the salt and they probably did it without breaking the bank, which is another thing the venerable KLR is best at. For the record they are running our 465 Series shock on their bike. Congrats to the Old and Slow Racing Team!

This note came with the pic:

The Old and Slow Racing Team did well on their first day of racing. The inaugural run of the KLR 650 stock bike did 94.89 MPH! Great job guys! Take a look at the attached pics of our first run.
Thanks for all your support! Couldn’t be here without you!
The Old & Slow Racing Team
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