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Cafe Racers are the new chopper/bobber/custom?

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dime-city-bikeMaybe. Maybe not. Café styled bikes (stubby tail, clubman/clip-on bars, etc) have been around for close to 50 years and the look has been applied to everything from the original Brit bikes to mid 70’s Honda 4’s and more recently Milwaukee iron. Each has its own flair and all maintaining the original café flavor (all puns intended). Are these things the next chopper/bobber/custom? Well, they do follow the “built, not bought” mantra of the aforementioned machines and like the bobber and choppers, are a renaissance of classic styling exercises. Hmmm… Is there nothing new? Are Café’s the skinny jeans of the motorcycle world? Will Clubmans show up in the Harley P&A catalog? Is this hipster blasphemy?

Short answer? Hell no to all of the above. If you’ll set the wayback machine for just about any year in the past 50, push away the layers of Easter egg colored Softails, 12 foot long “factory” customs and V8 powered trikes, you’ll undoubtedly notice a bunch of guys in their grungy garages cobbling together Café type machines. Less is more and chrome is taken off not bolted on. Go far enough back and you’ll see an abundance of two strokes, too. How cool is that? Café Racers a trend? History would say not really, but they certainly are enjoying a well deserved resurgence in popularity. Hipsters be damned, its guys like Herm at Dime City Cycles, Ryca Motors and countless hard working regional shops that are driving the style now. For whatever it’s worth, we think they’re doing one hell of a good job (and not just becuase they use our stuff!).

Inexpensive and fun to ride is once again the magic recipe for two wheeled happiness. That being said, take a look at Dime City’s latest vintage/modern Café eye candy. All show, no go? Hardly… It’s already been on the track a handful of times and been flogged by none other than the Bostrom brothers to prove its worth. If this is trendy, then pass the skinny jeans and fedora because we’re going riding.

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Why do we sponsor more world travelers than racers?

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IMG_1091-1024x682 IMG_0955-1024x682 IMG_1200-1024x682Why do we sponsor more world travelers than racers? Things that happen on a perfectly groomed track are not real world. How often do you brake deep into a left Hander, third gear pinned and drop your knee to the pavement? Loaded bikes, poor terrain, surprise pot holes and two up riding all day on the bike are what we focus on. Racing is awesome and we love it, but you’d really hate how a race bike rides! With that in mind, couple of shots from the recent Horizons Unlimited Travelers meeting in Cambria, CA. Ride More.

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Tips from the Doctor

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loaded-KLRSome great tips for the adventure touring folks. Dr Frazier has ridden the globe on countless bikes has this two wheel wandering thing pretty sorted out.–Frazier–Extreme-Adventure-Rider-Secrets.aspx

Credit to for a great article

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Mods vs Rockers

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Ever seen Quadrophenia? If you hadn’t you would have been able to get a live reanactment of the late 70’s film this past weekend. Sans the actual violence between the Scooter riding Mods and Cafe based Rockers, of course. Incidentally, the film starred some gangly kid that went on to later fame as Sting. It’s good to know your movie based moto history. There might be a quiz later.

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