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Slammed on the ground and rides nice? How can that be?

Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in Product | Comments Off on Slammed on the ground and rides nice? How can that be?

PSI-Airdragger-up-and-down-618x1024“How can I slam it on the ground and make it ride better?” We’ve heard this question from bagger owners hundreds of times and for years we told the askers that he or she had to pick one. Not anymore my friends. Now we show them our AirDragger suspension system. By designing a coil/air hybrid with an on board compressor, we’ve created a set of shocks that lets you drop the bike to the bump stops around town and then raise it back up on the open road. The result is not only a great riding bike, but also one that instantly becomes short inseam friendly with a push of a button.

Check it out here:

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The Lowbrow “Dirtster”

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dirtster3Hardtails make us sad, but we love ridable customs and the Lowbrow Dirtster is shaping up to be just that. Relatively small, agile and set up for maximum suspension travel with a set of 970 Series piggyback shocks this machine should be able to handle anything they throw at it and then hop on the highway home. Could it be the the new generation of custom bikes are actually ment to be RIDDEN! We hope so. Meanwhile, take a look at this crazy machine here

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Happy Birthday Malcolm…

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Malcolm_Smith_1971Racer, hero, shop owner and inspiration to generations of riders. Malcolm Smith is an icon in the motorsports arena and likely one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. If you’re local to his Riverside California shop, check out one of their movie nights. Screening On any Sunday in eyesight of the original Huskies from the movie is only bested by sharing some popcorn with the man himself.

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Rough day at the office.

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It happens to everyone, even professional test riders. Soft sand and a 500+ lb bike can make for some challenging times. Both bike and rider walked away without a scrach. For more pics of our recent Adventure Bike Throwdown, check out our Facebook page at!/media/set/?set=a.10150670099329776.414951.109082624775&type=1

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