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Adventure School?

Posted by on May 8, 2012 in Events | Comments Off on Adventure School?

398275_10150870322599776_109082624775_9488962_274547132_nWe had the unique opportunity to attend a RawHyde Adventure Training camp. Picture several days of hands on exercises teaching the intricacies of blasting through the dirt on a 600lb machine. The compound is huge and terrain choices endless. Added bonus? Cordon Bleu chefs, rental bikes, fully stocked bar and total immersion into the Adventure riding lifestyle. We came out well fed, significantly better riders and with a new appreciation for the capabilities of this genre of bikes. Thanks RawHyde and looking forward to returning!

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#5 in a list of reasons to update your motorcycle suspension

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Brake-Dive-shot5) Brake dive blows. That diving sensation you get when you come to a stop light and the stock front suspension rapidly compresses and starts making clunky sounds as it hits bottom is a bad thing. OEM suspension is a compromise at best, as the factory has no idea how much you weigh or how hard you will ride. A set of Progressive rate springs or better yet a Monotube Fork Cartridge kit will virtually eliminate brake dive and return a controlled feel to the bike.

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