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Cool piece on the Rawhyde Adventure Camp

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Untitled-1-1024x673Couple of the Progressive crew spent the weekend at the Rawhyde adventure camp in Castaic, CA. Great times and we’re better riders for it.

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Bad Kitty Fell Down…

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caral-MotoPostcard11Great letter we received from Caral (Bad Kitty) from Performance Machine.

Hey Neighbor!

If it weren’t for your quality suspension product, I wouldn’t be able to ride my 2006 Dyna StreetBob. I’m barely 62″ tall so having a seat height that is too high is a dangerous challenge for me.

The day that cemented my decision to add lower shocks on my bike was when I was working as a Salesperson at a local H-D shop and as I was parking my bike (back tire to the curb), my foot slipped on the wet pavement and the bike came crashing down on my left leg.

This event happened on my NEW bike (three days old to me) in front of all the HOG Chapter members and my co-workers, just before the dealership opened. I wished the ground could have opened up and swallowed me whole from the embarrassment.

That same day that we were replacing the derby cover and the clutch lever, I had them order some lower shocks from Progressive Suspension.

I could not imagine riding without this superior product on my bike or any other motorcycle I own in the future.

Keep up all the good work!


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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Product | Comments Off on LIFETIME WARRANTY? Really?

IMG_1960Did you know that most of our higher end suspension systems are guaranteed for life? 440, 940 (and the new 444 & 944) as well as our Monotube Cartridge Kit come with a limited lifetime warranty. What does that mean to you? If the part fails at any point while you own it, give us a call and we’ll rebuild or replace it. Just that simple. Of course there are some caveats, blatant misuse or abuse is not covered and you’ll need your original proof of purchase, but we want you to know that we stand behind our parts for as long as you ride on top of them.

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