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Roland Sands Design Triumph Builds

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Over the past few years Triumphs have been becoming more and more popular with the younger crowd. Among the younger crowd is Roland Sands and his eye for customization. Here are a few of his Triumph projects upgraded with some of our most popular suspension options like our Fork Springs, 444 Series shocks and 970 Series shocks.

RSD H-Team Triumph for Tony Hawk Foundation


Triumph Bonneville T100 with 444 Series Shocks

Shaun White Build


Triumph Scrambler with 970 Series Shocks

Hawkized Triumph


Triumph Scrambler with 970 Series Shocks

Hawkized Triumph II


Triumph Thruxton with 970 Series Shocks

 NPA Thruxton


Triumph Thruxton with 970 Series Shocks


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Mooneyes Open House 2013

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Every year we attend the Mooneyes Open House and have a great time! This year was no acceptation, it’s great too see old friends and to make a few new. Mooneyes always brings a diverse crowd, from low cars with small wheels to jacked up gassers with tub tires. Also a lot of Softails with 422 Series Shocks and “Vintage Metrics” with our 12 Series Vintage Shocks. One thing is for sure we all care about our rides and enjoy talking about them. Here are some pictures from the day.

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Sneak Peek at Icon 1000’s Latest Build

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“This Speedmaster was fresh out of the factory with only five miles on it (no one even rode it at the shop before modifications began!) The cutting wheel was the first contact she had with the ICON Garage.


This unruly swan is going to be the belle of the ball. Stock bodywork long gone, Progressive Suspension added 970 Series Shocks, many other parts on order and Ebay finds scavenged, she’s equal parts trashy and flashy. In our minds, the only way an ICON 1000 build should be.

Holed up in the ICON Garage, she is the prime topic of lunchtime discussion and after hours destruction.  The yet unnamed Speedmaster custom is the latest to roll out of the shop.

Hold tight my friends, many surprises lay ahead.”

from Cafe Racer XXX

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1 Wheel Revolution at the J&P Open House

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This years J&P Cycles Open House was BIG! With an estimated 30,000 attendees within 2 Days this was the biggest the J&P Rally Team has ever seen. It’s a great time to spend with friends and family in a safe environment where you can enjoy world class entertainment, free food, and complete access to everything for your ride. Part of this years entertainment was a killer Stunt Show by the 1Wheel Revolution Crew.

We recently hooked the guys up with a couple sets of 970 Series Shocks for their Sportsters. Here are some photos from the event.

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