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Freedom Cycle Triumph Tiger 800XC Adventure Build

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The guys over at Freedom Cycle Reno are giving a Tiger 800XC some adventure treatment!  The crew at Freedom Cycle Triumph Reno, NV were looking to create a Triumph Tiger 800XC custom that was completely unique. After four weeks and some long evenings in the shop the 800XC emerged ready to enter a Mad Max movie; well they might have to

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Can-Am Spyder Shocks: Testimonial

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Here’s a testimonial from Eric Deuble (President of Ohio Spyder Ryders) on our 435 Series Front Shocks and 465 Series Rear Shocks on his personal 2008 Can-Am Spyder RS.
Dear potential Progressive Suspension customer,
Since installing my new Progressive Suspension shocks on my 2008 Can Am Spyder RS I have put just shy of 4000 miles on them. I have seriously without a doubt put them to their paces on twists, urban riding, and highway riding. I have put enough miles on them to give some real feedback.
My first thoughts when opening my brand-new front and rear PS shocks was the quality of the workmanship. The shocks looked sweet! I really like the anodized bronze color. Just holding them you can tell they are really well put together. Installation was a snap, took me about an hour to install both front and the rear. One complaint, which is a very small one, is I wish they made some type of Teflon coated wrench for adjusting the adjuster nuts. You got to be very careful not to scratch the finish when adjusting.
Here is my set up:
2008 Can-Am Spyder RS – Front shocks PS 435 (I am at the preset settings) Rear shock PS 465 (I am at the preset settings) Front 15-inch Kenda Radial low-profile 165/55 tires Stock rear tire Bajaron swaybar
After you install your brand-new shocks you will notice that they are extremely stiff. They will loosen up within the first hundred miles. Your ride will be a little bumpy as you break in your brand-new shocks in the first 200 to 500 miles. It all depends on how hard you ride.
The PS shocks definitely took a lot of work out of my hard riding. With the shocks absorbing all the different less than pleasant road conditions. They also helped my body from being jerked around all day preventing aches and pains. I would have to say the shocks are very good all-around shocks. They perform well on the highways and on urban streets but I would recommend if you’re not a hard rider to loosen them up a bit for added comfort other than that these are the real deal.  After that trip, all 1800 miles of it. I was convinced the PS shocks were the right choice for me.
The shocks have really made a difference on the pounding my body receives from hard riding as well. You just don’t know how bad your shocks suck until you install good ones. So if you are in the market for a set of shocks for your Can-Am Spyder buy the Progressive Suspension line with confidence!
Eric Deuble
President of Ohio Spyder Ryders
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