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Testimonial: 944 Series Shocks on a Streetglide

Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Product, Testimonials | 1 comment

I bought a 2010 Streetglide, was very unhappy with the factory suspension,…the 02 Roadking I just sold gave a much more comfortable ride.After talking to a few streetglide owners, I was told that these shocks would make a huge difference. I installed them yesterday and went for a ride,…all I can say is ……I wish I had done this earlier !

By Brian C. Mccarthy

Our 944 Series Shocks specifically designed to deliver a comfortable ride at a 1″ lowered stance. Built around our latest FST technology, The 944┬áTouring shocks utilize all the suspension travel provided. The shocks are 13″ eye to eye but provide a 1″ lowered ride height. The unique Ultra Touring spring combination not only delivers a lowered ride height while its being ridden, but also while its on the side stand.
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