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Amarante’s Sportster “Veronica”

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The style and the attitude of love with the classic Harley-Davidson, are the inspiration of the architects and interior designer Bia Cristina and Graziela Abreu in the room and Biker Room . A classic model of the brand is the centerpiece of this apartment and is stationed in the room.  The professionals are rookies at Casa Cor Minas. Bia is an architect and signed the room decor. Graziela is interior designer and was responsible for the design of the room.

integrated kitchen house color mines 2014 The yellow table warms and gladdens the kitchen that has coated wall with tijolihos, blackboard and dark cabinets.

The steel appears as the main element in environmental composition and takes the central wall of the flat. The sheet metal forming an income received cuts in steel as if they were typical hydraulic tiles of mining farms, which were arranged randomly.

steel press room sofa linea house color 2014

Luminaires prepared in recycled material such as steel construction and demolition burnt bricks, are another highlight of the environment. In addition, the Biker Room Room received loud, paintings and pictures that refer to the lifestyle of a biker.

bed room house color press linea mines in 2014


Bia Cristina

Graziela Abreu


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