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Grains and Trains with 1 Wheel Revolution

Posted by on Feb 11, 2015 in Photography | Comments Off on Grains and Trains with 1 Wheel Revolution

Rob from 1 Wheel Revolution always amazes us with how he pushes the limits on his Xl Sportster. Equipped with our Progressive Rate Fork Spring Kit and a set of 970 Series Shocks we love it when he send us pics from shenanigans and shake downs with our equipment!

Hey Guys,

Been doing some work getting my clutch dialed on the Red Dragon which has been more challenging than the other sportys were initially. 

I was driving by these grain silos on my way home from the shop and randomly stopped to snap a couple pics for the fun of it. A few turned out pretty cool so I thought I’d share them. 


Here are some of the shots he sent, enjoy!

IMG_4938 IMG_5184 IMG_4678 IMG_4649

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