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Moto Friends and Family – DP CUSTOMS

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Like most of the motorcycle market, we have the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing people and for that we are forever grateful. Some of these connections are behind the scenes, others are very prominent and all of them have a great story that bears sharing. With that in mind we’ve created the Moto Friends and Family series with the hopes of highlighting a few with a couple of questions and some pics of their world.

We’ll kick the series off with the brothers Del Prado (Jarrod and Justin) from DP Custom Cycles and their unique take on the Sportster platform. Situated North of Phoenix, well off the beaten path and working in a small but immaculate shop, these siblings have created some amazing builds that continue to inspire us.

IMG_9559PS: When was DP Custom Cycles created

DP: We remember it down to the month, it would be November of 2008 and we began with a 74 Ironhead hardtail.


PS: What drew you to the motorcycle space?

DP: Justin, motorcycles have always been more than just two wheels and a motor to me, I see them as more of a canvas. I look at a bike and think, that’s pretty cool, but I bet I could create something really unique with it. Jarrod, I really like the challenge of turning a Harley into a performance bike. The end result is a machine that will haul ass, but still has a soul.

IMG_9602PS: Are you really brothers or is this some sort of Ramones deal

DP: That’s funny, we’re really brothers (4 years apart) and have been best friends since child hood. We consider ourselves pretty lucky to get along so well and have a ton of respect for each other’s talents.

74 Iron headPS: What were your first motorcycles

DP: Justin, I had a Tote Goat when I was 11, but my first street bike was the 74 Ironhead that inspired DP Customs. Jarrod, I got a later start with an 03 Bonneville and then a handful of sport bikes. Before I had a family I used to spend a lot of time doing track days and have always appreciated bikes that will go fast and handle well.


PS: Although I know the story it might be cool to explain how you got connected with Progressive Suspension.

DP: Yeh, that’s a funny story, a comment on Facebook from the PS marketing guys offering up proper suspension lead us to you and we’ve been working together ever since. I guess the lesson here is pay attention to all the crazy responses you get on Social media, you never know who’s watching!

PS: We’re guessing a lot of companies pay attention to your work and we’re stoked to be able to help you guys out when we can. Although we do get a little bummed when you build hardtails!

IMG_9545PS: Your builds seem to have a very unique style to them and we look forward to each one, what are you working on next?

DP: The Mac is next up and we’re just about done with the frame work. Classic café styling and a very high performance motor should make this one of the coolest Sportsters we’ve done to date.



PS: What’s your favorite build?

DP: Justin, Two Lane because of the street rod styling. Inspired by the James Taylor movie of the same name about best friends street racing across the US. We kind of connect with the theme as well! Jarrod, I do a lot of the test riding, so Player was my favorite so far. Inspired by the John Player Special F1 cars, it was comfortable, handled great and hauled ass.


PS: What’s the build you’ve always wanted to do, but have not yet had the chance?

DP: Justin, Something with a Ducati platform. I love the sound and the trellis chassis. Jarrod, I’ve got a Yamaha FZ-09 stuck in my head. That triple combined with a clean DP style would be really fun.


PS: How long does it take you to build a bike?

DP: Easily four months for each one. The magic takes time!


PS: Where do you see yourselves in five years?

DP: Probably five to six customs per year, maybe a line of parts inspired by the bikes we create (we already get a lot of requests). We have it pretty good, so I’d hope not too much will change!


Thanks guys, looking forward to future projects!


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