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What is FST?

Posted by on Jun 9, 2017 in Product, Technical | Comments Off on What is FST?

In today’s post we’ll be covering the voodoo suspension magic known as our proprietary FST (Frequency Sensing Technology).

What is FST and why would I want it on my bike? In essence, compared to other shocks, anything equipped with FST is doing double duty (almost as if there are two sets of shocks on the bike, one for big bumps and one for small road vibrations). From a technical perspective, FST has the unique ability to dynamically adjust damping as you ride; what this means is whether you’re hitting the small or big bumps in the road, the shock distributes oil through ports accordingly to soak up the hit making for an ultimately comfortable ride with unsurpassed performance to boot. The question then becomes: why WOULDN’T you want it on your bike!?

We offer a variety of our suspension solutions with our FST technology including our 944 Series Shocks and Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit for HD Touring Models and our 444 Series Shocks for HD Dyna and Sportster models as well as select metric applications.

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