465 RAP and Monotube Cartridge Kit Product Review

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Blake from By Way of Bike recently put our 465RAP Series Shock and Monotube Cartridge Kit to the test for over a year and thousands of miles on his KLR650. Check out his glowing review here: KLR650 Progressive Suspension Long Term Test.KLR

For more information on these products, visit our website @ http://www.progressivesuspension.com/products/metric

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The Bagger Blog – Product Spotlight: Rushmore Monotube Cartridge Kit

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Check out our feature on The Bagger Blog for a full break down of our new Monotube Cartridge Kit for Harley-Davidson Rushmore baggers.

For more information on this product, visit our website @ http://www.progressivesuspension.com

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By Way Of Bike

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Great blog by a high school teacher travelling the world on his ’08 KLR 650 equipped with Fork Springs and a 465 with RAP. LINK HERE…

dsc_8385 photo-2014-07-30-3-52-14-pm

It’s no secret that the factory suspension on the KLR650 is inadequate.  It performs admirably with a single lightweight rider but add a passenger, load for a trip, or both (gulp), and it is apparent very quickly that an upgrade is required.  Suspension travel essentially gets reduced to nothing, and the bike wallows over bumps.  Kawasaki themselves released a suspension update for the 2014 model year to address this, according to CycleWorld, apparently increasing the front spring rate and rebound damping by 40 and 28% respectively.  Similarly the rear spring is 63% stiffer and the damping sees an 80% increase.  Otherwise the design remains the same.

After buttoning everything up I took the bike for a ride.  First impressions show a significant improvement.  The front end actually communicates what the road is doing and immediately it is apparent how numb the stock forks are, not to mention brake dive is significantly reduced.  The improved 465 rear shock is actually designed to handle the increased weight of a loaded bike, and the remote adjustable preload makes adjustments quick and easy, with no tools required.



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Testimonial: 944 Series Shocks on a Streetglide

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I bought a 2010 Streetglide, was very unhappy with the factory suspension,…the 02 Roadking I just sold gave a much more comfortable ride.After talking to a few streetglide owners, I was told that these shocks would make a huge difference. I installed them yesterday and went for a ride,…all I can say is ……I wish I had done this earlier !

By Brian C. Mccarthy

Our 944 Series Shocks specifically designed to deliver a comfortable ride at a 1″ lowered stance. Built around our latest FST technology, The 944 Touring shocks utilize all the suspension travel provided. The shocks are 13″ eye to eye but provide a 1″ lowered ride height. The unique Ultra Touring spring combination not only delivers a lowered ride height while its being ridden, but also while its on the side stand.
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Progressive Suspension Monotubes and Touring Link

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A satisfied customer sent this note into Frank (our sales manager) regarding his experience with our Monotube Cartridge Kit and Touring link on his CVO Electraglide.




First of all I want to say thank you for the tech support I received while installing my Monotubes.  I received return emails that were answered at all hours of the night so needless to say it appears that you have 24 hour support and when your wrenching on your bike nights and weekends it is a much appreciated service.


I purchased the Harley Touring Link (30-2000) and the Lowered Monotube Kit (31-2501) for my 2005 CVO Electraglide and installed both myself.


The Touring Link installation was very straight forward and the instructions provided were spot on.  The Touring Link made a HUGE difference in the cornering ability of the bike.  For the first time it actually tracks true through the corner and feels very secure even at speeds up to 80 MPH.  I would highly recommend this addition if you feel your bike seems to drift in the corners.


About two weeks after I installed the Touring Link I installed the Monotube Kit.  If you are good with a wrench it can be done easily by yourself but you must have a way to lift the bike.  The instructions again were spot on and the only uncertainty was the removal and re-installation of the left fork bushing and seal but after a google search I found an innovative way to do it very easily using common items from your local home improvement store.  After my first ride I was sold, the ride was completely different and the brake dive was gone and in Texas we have a lot of county roads that can be wavy at times and even through the corners the ride was extremely smooth and no longer springy.


I am going to be installing new Progressive Rear Shocks in the near future as soon as I can rathole some more money.


Overall the Progressive Products are well built, well designed and highly improve the overall riding experience and I would recommend to anyone that they use the Progressive Products.


I am a very satisfied customer.





Brad C



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Freedom Cycle Triumph Tiger 800XC Adventure Build

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The guys over at Freedom Cycle Reno are giving a Tiger 800XC some adventure treatment!  The crew at Freedom Cycle Triumph Reno, NV were looking to create a Triumph Tiger 800XC custom that was completely unique. After four weeks and some long evenings in the shop the 800XC emerged ready to enter a Mad Max movie; well they might have to

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