Road to Hana

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Recently went on vacation to Maui and did the Road To Hana. This is one of the most epic roads I have ever been. It’s roughly a four hour round trip but worth the 52 mile trek. The road will take you along a narrow winding road through the rain forests of Maui. Speed limits are low, but most travellers are moving at a pace that doesn’t come close to challenging those limits. For the locals, or those simply in a hurry, this can be a nuisance so be considerate enough to move over for faster moving vehicles behind you, when it’s safe to do so.  The road itself can be very narrow (several one lane bridges along the route), and has many sharp turns (some of which can be very difficult to see oncoming traffic so go slow).  The Road to Hana offers many breathtaking views of the rainforest, several waterfalls, and a picture perfect coastlines.

Make sure to start early so you have time to stop, explore and linger.  You might want to pack a snack for the trip.  There are a variety of food vendors along the way, but they may not be where you are when you get hungry! Also might want to check head out to Kipahulu to visit the seven sacred pools, it’s on the way and way worth it!

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